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About Me

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I've always been interested in sewing. It's something that I have experienced whilst growing up. I always remember my mother making matching dresses for us when I was about six years old. brown floral polyester!!! I think they would be considered Retro now and quite in fashion. Yes, I am a 70's child.

Having achieved my degree in Textiles & Knitwear Technology at De Montfort University, Leicester in the 90's I spent many years in fashion and retail both as an assistant buyer and also in manufacturing. But my heart was always in teaching and in 2000 I decided to re-train as a secondary school DT Textiles teacher. I have been teaching ever since and have seen lots of changes over the years, both good and bad.... It gives me enormous pride and satisfaction to see genuine creativity and flair for this skill. I consider sewing to be a life skill that is not necessarily past down in the family anymore and also not considered to be a key subject within the school system.

I decided in 2011 to launch Candlewick Designs. I don't know why I chose that name but it has stuck with me since I was very young. It all started when I made a Tote bag for a friend and it's just grown from there. I still juggle my day job with my passion for sewing and I can think of nothing better than just locking myself away with my machine and a mountain of fabric!!!!
My ideal scenario for Candlewick Designs is to embed the importance of this skill and to continue to teach like minded, creative individuals. They can be complete beginners to novice sewer's who want to put their own stamp on their creations. Why buy something new that has probably been manufactured abroad and everyone has when you can make a bespoke and unique item. You have the added confidence and pride of making it yourself.

Candlewick Designs offers many sewing classes in a relaxed home-based workshop for a small group or private tuition can be arranged. We also offer a wide range of bags and accessories to buy in conjunction with bespoke items that can be made to order.

At Candlewick Designs we create opportunities for people to regain their love of sewing and develop new skills.
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